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How To Care For Your Smartwatch To Be More Durable

Every woman who watches will certainly choose the best digital watch, one of which is when choosing a smartwatch. With devices and materials that are different from ordinary watches, of course, smartwatches have different handling and maintenance than analog watches. If not treated properly, then your watch can be easily and more quickly damaged. Therefore, follow a few ways to care for smartwatch watches so that they last longer and are not easily damaged.

– Keep the connector clean for charging
If your smartwatch is designed to waterproof or water-resistant, usually on the charger connector will be equipped with a protective rubber so as not to get in the water. This will also prevent dust from entering the connector. Dust that builds upon these connectors can quickly damage electronic devices. In addition to damaging the IC, it also interferes with charging. If your smartwatch is not equipped with protective rubber on the connector, you should always guard it so as not to get dust. Store in a closed place and always clean with a cotton bud, or a soft cloth. Do not pry it with hard or sharp objects.

– Protect the screen from scratches
Unlike analog watches that use a scratch-resistant crystal dial protector, a smartwatch uses an LED touch screen that does not all use scratch-resistant material. Therefore, you need to protect the screen from scratching objects with rough surfaces. Use a scratch-resistant coating that you can adjust to the type of smartwatch you have. A smartwatch screen that has a lot of scratches will not only reduce its aesthetic value but also reduce the sensitivity of the touch when you want to operate your smartwatch.

– Clean the screen immediately when exposed to dirt
Because the watch is at the tip of your hand, it is an object that is exposed to everyday dirt. To clean the screen, just use a microfiber cloth. Remember, use a clean microfiber cloth, do not use a used one because there might be a lot of accumulation of residue on the fabric surface. Avoid using chemical liquids to clean the smartwatch, even if your watch is waterproof or water-resistant.

– Take good care of the strap, or replace it if it is worn out
To clean the strap, adjust the treatment according to the material. You can clean the leather strap with a special skin cleanser with conditioner. A silicon strap can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and hand washing soap, it would be better if you remove the strap from the smartwatch before cleaning it. Metal straps are more difficult to clean, and you must remove the strap from the smartwatch when cleaning it. Soak in a mixture of warm water and liquid soap, after a while, brush with a soft toothbrush between the chains.

– Avoid getting splashed with water or other liquids
Water splashes may not be your concern when you have a waterproof smartwatch. Like Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4 Venture HR which has a swimproof feature because of its resistance to water. However, after all, the nature of water can damage metals and electronic devices. If your watch is often exposed to splashes of water, and you let it, the water might imprint on the surface of the smartwatch. And if it sticks to other liquids besides water, it will get even worse. So, to avoid things you don’t want, it’s better to keep your smartwatch away from splashes of water.

– Avoid storing it in a humid place
Humidity is the enemy of all electronic devices. Humid air is sure to contain water, and water can damage any device that contains electricity and metal. Not to mention the fungus that can appear on a moist surface. Therefore, keep your smartwatch in a dry place away from humidity. If necessary, place it in a dry box, you can also put it in a special place of the watch and then put silica gel into the place.

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