Harps Musical Instrument From Heaven

Harp is a type of musical instrument that makes a sound when the strings are plucked with the player called the harpist. Harps are usually symbolized with gods or winged angels, measuring about 0.5 to 1 meter. In general, the harp has a triangular base, has strings and is golden yellow. Harp can be used and collaborated with symphonic instruments and orchestras, and can even be combined with other sounds, such as harmonica, piano, violin, saxophone, and other types of musical instruments. Harp can be played well solo, using both feet and hands. Harp has three main parts that have a variety of types, sizes, weights, and shapes. Among them: String, Soundboard, and Neck. Harp instrument is a type of instrument that is said to be the oldest and was used in ancient times “Ancient Egypt”. Electronic harp or modern harp is the latest type of instrument and is widely used among today’s musicians. A modern harp is generally triangular, has 22 to 47 strings and has a size of two feet (60 cm) to six feet (180 cm). A small harp can be played using a scarf, just like a guitar, while a harp that is large enough can be played by placing it on the floor.

What is unique about the Harp is that the players are always associated with angels so that some call the harp as a musical instrument from heaven. On the other hand, the sound of the passage is also very beautiful from each harp string.

Because of the beauty of the sound, harp shows are often used in various events. Harp shows can be used to fill events, such as weddings, conferences, orchestral shows, even birthdays, and so on. Most people will use the harp as a performer because it can give a romantic and soothing nuance, like every sound of the passage produced by the harp strings so that harp players are very often invited to a wedding.


Author: Christopher

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