Four Mistakes That Must Be Avoid During A Job Interview

The job application process is now easier than in previous years. This is facilitated by the internet. The internet provides various kinds of information that needed my online job centre, including job vacancies according to your abilities. Many sites provide job information, including directgov jobs.

BYou may still hear people who fail to get jobs when they have reached the interview stage. These people made small mistakes during job interviews. To overcome this, job sites began to open consulting services on how to pass job interviews. For those of you who will face a job interview, you should avoid the four mistakes below:

– Too much talking
Maybe you feel happy when you get a job interview call and want to expel all your abilities. But sometimes you even too nervous so you are not focused when answering questions during interviews. Please remember that you better not to talk too much or overload information during a job interview. Interviewers don’t like to waste their time, so just answer and tell important things.

– Disfiguring the previous work
If you have a bad experience in the previous workplace, you should hold yourself from telling the bad things about your previous work or even your previous boss. If you do this, the interviewer can judge you negatively. They think that you can do the same for their company.

– Talking Too Slow
Prepare and pay attention to your voice. If you talk and answer too slowly, you can give a bad first impression. Talking too slow will make look not confident. Besides that, the interviewer cannot listen carefully to every answer and explanation about yourself. The solution is to practice and ask help of the other person like family or friends. Make sure they can hear your words clearly.

– Talking Too Loud
Although previously said you should not speak too slowly, but that does not mean you have to talk too loudly. Talking too loudly can disturb the interviewer, even giving you the impression of being selfish, arrogant, even aggressive.


Author: Christopher

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