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Facts About Beagle Dogs

Caring for dogs is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Many have kept dogs because of their loyal nature. Dogs are also intelligent animals so they can be trained to do something. One type of popular pet dog is a Beagle type dog. Beagle broken dogs have a cute look and are good and obedient dogs. Beagle is a smart dog. In addition, a beagle is also safe to be maintained by families who have small children at home.

Here are some facts about Beagle:

1. Beagle is a dog from England

2. Beagle is a smart dog. But although smart, training a beagle must be patient because the beagle is not so easy to train.

3. A beagle with a height of at least 32 cm and a maximum of 41 cm when mature. The average beagle’s weight is between 10kg and 14kg.

4. Beagle is a very active dog with excessive energy. To reduce excess energy, take a beagle for a walk for at least 30 minutes.

5. Beagle is a dog that rarely gets sick. Diseases that usually attack the beagle are epilepsy, liver disease, eye and back problems,

6. The age of the beagle ranges from 12-15 years.

7. The number of beagle tillers usually ranges from 2-14 tails.

8. Beagle has a short and smooth waterproof coat that is very easy to care for.

9. The popularity of beagle has been lifted thanks to the film “Snoopy” and the film “Underdog”

Beagle is one type of Hound dog that is very famous in its energy affairs, its pleasant nature, and good character. Beagle is the result of a cross-breeding of a Harrier and also a Hound in the United Kingdom which is used to hunt quails and rabbits. Beagle is also often used as a sniffer dog because its sense of smell is very good and is often used as a drug tracking dog at the airport. Beagle belongs to a dog that is very friendly to humans. Besides that, he also has an energetic, smart and courageous character.

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