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Do You Know What A Domain Name Is?

A domain name is like the address used to find your website on the Internet. People write it in the address bar of their browser to access your site. Every website and server on the Internet is assigned a series of numbers called an IP address. However, because these numbers were hard to remember, domain names were created. Domain names consist of second-level and top-level (TLD) domains. The second-level domain is the word or phrase of your choice, while the top-level domain is the extension. For example, for, the second-level domain is google, and .com is the TLD. So, to own a domain name, you must register it with a domain name registrar, which is the company or organization that sells and manages domain name registrations. This domain registrar is registered with an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and must report back to the organization whenever a user purchases a domain. They have to edit the database to fill in the information regarding domain ownership. However, if you only want to buy a domain for your website in New Zealand, you can try the best domain registrars NZ.

You can check the availability of the desired domain and register it using the domain check tool. For example, you can visit a trusted domain checker and type in the desired name in the search field. After that, the information will appear about the availability of the domain you have chosen and various domain extensions, and their prices. If the domain is already in use, there will be alternative options for the name you want. When you find the name you want, just click Add to cart then select the registration duration. At the trusted service providers, they offer domain services from one year to three years. There are hundreds of domain extensions available, and you’ve probably heard of some like .com and .net being the most widely used. Before registering a domain name, it’s best to find out what types are available so that later you can choose the right extension. If you want to check the availability of the desired extension, please use the domain check tool.

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