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Different Floor Types Will Affect How To Clean It

There are various types of floors that function as a ground cover for space in your residence. The main function of the use of the floor in the house is as a footrest so as to provide comfort when you walk and move on it. As a layer that is the center of human activity, the floor has a great opportunity to get dirty and dull, even where bacteria breed. In fact, cleaning the floor sometimes requires professional staff, because besides not having a lot of time, the floor with different materials requires different regrouting tile methods.

But it never hurts to know how to simply clean the floor depending on the type. This can help you take care of the floor until the cleaning time comes:

– Ceramic floor
Various choices of ceramic colors, sizes, and motifs are on the market at various prices. The process is cheap and maintenance is easy, if exposed to liquid or dirt also does not imprint. Ceramic floors must be diligently washed when dirty, avoiding sharp sand grains that can cause scratches on the surface of the ceramic. Do it regularly. Swallowing uses only clean water or added mop medicine if necessary, as long as it’s not too much. Avoid floor cleaners with high acid or acid content which will make the ceramic glazing layer eroded and not shiny anymore.

– Wooden floor
How to treat it, do routine maintenance such as sweeping or mopping the wood floor so that the rest of the dust or dirt does not become a stain that sticks between the wooden joints. Avoid cleaning wood floors with materials containing wax because over time the parquet will look dull. The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner, so that rough dust won’t scratch your wood floor.

– Concrete floors
Concrete floors are now being used more and more with the rise of contemporary interior design styles that have sprung up. The concrete floor provides a hard and masculine appearance as well as modern. The treatment method is very easy, just mopping the concrete floor once a week. Economical and modern in one material.

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