Common Reasons Of Ball Screw Failure

The ball screw has been used in many machines because it is proven to be the most efficient screw that could help the machine working smoothly and reach higher accuracy. Compared to other screws that could only bring 25-50% accuracy, the ball screw could reach more than 90%. That is why this particular screw is popular. However, it also needs proper maintenance of it could be badly damaged and affect other parts of the machine. That is why when it is damaged you need to take it to the get the facts immediately to prevent further damage.

There are many reasons why your ball screw is failing and the most common reason is misalignment. This condition could cause a higher running torque than the normal condition. You need to check the screw whether it is bent, screw alignment concerning journals, gibs, slides, roller cages, or the nut housing. Another common reason for failure in the ball screw is a lubrication problem. Poor running and high wear could be caused by improper lubrication. You need to make sure that the machine lubrication system is in proper maintenance and you follow the recommendation of the manufacturer to use the correct type of lubricant. You should never use lubricant with graphite-based and always remember that varnish deposits caused by the synthetic lubricants. You need to rotate and lubricate nuts periodically to avoid wear. Make sure to keep the screw protected by using plastic sheeting and to keep them straight you need to hang the ball screw vertically. If you can, keep the ball screw away from any excessive vibration.

However, high wear and poor running could also be caused by dirty environments. First, make sure that you store the extra ball screw in a proper and safe place. You have to make sure that you installed proper wipers that in good working condition and always check gum content and rust in coolants. You need to consider strainers or lubrication filter systems and installing the protective cover.


Author: Christopher

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