Getting to Know the Car Speaker Type Based on Sound Quality

Inside a car audio system, it certainly consists of various devices, and the most common is the head unit and speakers. Speakers function to remove that comes from the head unit in the car audio system. The speaker itself is an electromechanical transducer device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical to a sound energy. Before deciding to buy car speakers, you can go to our website by Click here carsymphony to find car speaker reviews.

The range of sound frequencies a speaker system can produce is between 20 Hz – 20 kHz and it corresponds to the frequency range of the human hearing. Based on that frequency range, speakers are subdivided into several types. The types of speakers are generally:

1. Tweeter
is a speaker that is usually small, it is about 0.5 inches, the biggest size is 4 inches, depending on the brand and frequency coverage capabilities. The tweeter function is to reproduce high-frequency coverage within the range 3500 Hz to 20 kHz. Examples of this high-frequency sound include such as vocal sound, drum cymbal, and other instrument clanging sound. Tweeters were also known as the super tweeter/ribbon tweeters. This type has a different shape than the ordinary tweeter, usually, a thin plate-shaped rectangle and capable of producing high-frequency sounds that can not be reached by the ordinary tweeter, which is in the range 5 – 23 kHz.

2. Midrange
is a speaker that is generally measuring about 3-4 inches which has a frequency coverage of 350-4500Hz. Midrange is usually included in a set of 3-way car audio system. Its job is to help perfect the high frequency or accommodate the audible vocals to be more focused and clear.

3. Midbass
is a type of speaker which is also commonly called mid-woofer, its function is to produce a frequency sound with a range of 80-350 Hz. The resulting sound midbass more dominated in low sound. Usually, the midbass has a diameter of 5-7 inches.

4. Subwoofer/woofer
The function of this speaker is to deliver low-frequency sound or bass sound. For woofers are limited to the 100 Hz frequency range or below, but the woofer capable of spitting out sounds in the 40 Hz frequency range and below can be referred to as a subwoofer. In general, the subwoofer has a size of 12, 15, 18 inches while the woofer is about 8-10 inches.


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