Can AI Be Dangerous to Mankind?

Inventing the tools and equipment that will make our job easier has become our passion since a long time ago. Even at the ancient times, there are so many geniuses that have been recorded in the history because of their contribution in developing our civilization by inventing so many awesome tools and equipment. That equipment and tools can be made for agriculture, industry, or even as the instruments of war. The development of technology will not be stopped, it’s because of human curiosity in science will never fade away. One of the most concerning and interesting types of tech today is the artificial intelligence (AI).

This man-made program which is capable of thinking on its own in order to solve the problem that has been requested by the human is definitely helpful. This type of tech allows us to get our job done a lot easier, and because of this, inventing a fully self-aware robot or android won’t be impossible anymore. Unfortunately, this excellent development doesn’t come without any risk. As you can see, a machine which can think for itself can pose a lot of threat to the humanity. It may help us to solve our mathematic problem first, however, if it’s capable of self-learning and evolving, a rebellion of the AI in the form of machines against mankind is likely possible.

Just like what you can see in the Terminator trilogy, the AI named Skynet as the main antagonist in that movie thinks that it is far more superior than humans, and it doesn’t need mankind for anything. Thus, making it tries to eliminate all the humans across the planet by detonating the entire nuclear bombs in the USA. This is just a simple example of what the AI might become. That’s why there are some people and scientists out there who are preferring the virtual intelligence (VI) instead of AI, just because they will still obey the human’s orders without any risk, although it won’t be as smart as AI. Nevertheless, creating a machine or a program that can think for itself requires a high level of precaution and also responsibility, even though if the machine or AI rebellion today is just a mere theory. However, the possibility for this to happen is quite high, especially these days, the USA has developed a drone which can decide whether to shoot a target or not on its own.


Author: Christopher

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