Benefit Of Natural Stone As Placemats And Coasters

Placemats and coasters are the main accessories in the dining room that are used to keep your table surface from damage caused by carelessness such as spills or drops of coffee, tea or wine, also reduce the risk of scratches on cutlery such as plates, forks or knives on your dining table. Lots of choices of materials used for placemats or coasters and all materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. But of all the materials that can be used for kitchen equipment, natural stone is the most popular material because of its natural characteristics that make natural stone more prominent than other materials. From all available natural stone, slate and marble can be the most appropriate choice.

These stones are stone that excavated from the mountains and then cut to the size you want so that it can function properly. Slate is one of the materials that are popular as placemats and coasters because it has the ability to absorb moisture, store it inside to then make the moisture evaporate into the air. In addition to its quality of absorbing moisture, the slate is also known for its high durability and is able to withstand scratches and stains due to spills of liquid in the dining room. Meanwhile, marble has almost the same quality as a slate even though it cannot absorb moisture as well as slate. However, marble is a popular stone because it has a beautiful and classy style that makes your dining room look more elegant.

Using natural stones in your home will give you a natural impression with little care needed. But considering the characteristics of natural stone, you must be careful in its use and if there is a colored liquid that spills on it you should immediately clean it. With proper care, natural stone is a durable and reliable dining room accessory for all occasions.


Author: Christopher

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