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Be Relax with Foot Spa

Foot Spa or foot bath massager is foot care specifically for the feet, to make it look smooth, moist, and soft and away from foot problems. After the Foot Spa series, you will feel comfortable and the results will be lighter, smoother, softer, and no longer experiencing muscle tension, cracked, and dry skin. This treatment is best done at least 3-4 weeks, or more often, according to the condition of the skin and toenails.

Apart from relaxation, the benefits that are also obtained from the Foot Spa include:

Moisturizes dry foot skin
Softens and whitens foot skin
Providing a sense of comfort through aromatherapy
Relieves pain and fatigue in feet
Improve the appearance of the feet because the results will be smoother, whiter, and cleaner so that we are more confident with comfortable feet

Foot Spa helps reduce headaches
Did you know that many nerve points are found in the feet? light massage during foot spa treatment can stimulate the nerves and help treat symptoms like headaches, migraines, etc.

Treat insomnia
Foot spas are beneficial in providing adequate sleep and reducing insomnia symptoms.

Foot Spa Helps detoxify
Detoxifying the feet during the foot spa treatment process helps the body get rid of toxins. Foot detox helps in detoxifying the liver and kidneys, helps maintain the pH balance in the body, helps clear acne and wrinkles, strengthens the immune system, and others.

The following is a series of treatments that are usually done during a Foot Spa:

The feet are soaked in warm water that has been dripped with aromatherapy oil or essential oil
The soles of the feet are cleaned with a soft foot brush, then gently massaged while soaking for about 3 minutes.
When finished, dry the feet with a clean towel
Foot Exfoliate, where the feet are rubbed gently into a scrub for about 15 minutes, to remove dead skin tissue and prepare the skin to receive nutrients for the next treatment, so that the skin is brighter and moisturized
Foot Massage is a relaxation of the leg muscles, to relieve tension and pain in the muscles and improve blood circulation in the leg area.

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