Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, And Stress To Reduce Blood Pressure

If you really want to reduce high blood pressure, stop smoking. Personal writers wondered and were surprised to see many people especially those who were old but still active smokers amazon. Actually, what are the real benefits of smoking? Aside from that, you may also need to try consuming the nitric oxide supplement if you wish to reduce the risk of hypertension greatly.


For those of you who are smokers, know the following facts! The nicotine content in tobacco is the cause of increased blood pressure even from the first suction. When nicotine is absorbed by the blood vessels in the lungs and circulated throughout the body by the bloodstream, then within seconds the nicotine has reached the brain.

Immediately the brain will react by giving a signal to the adrenal gland to release epinephrine. This hormone will react by constricting blood vessels.

Now the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain will stimulate the heart to work harder due to higher pressure and the worst possibility will cause sudden heart attack, stroke, and other dangerous diseases.

Limit or avoid alcohol consumption

Consumption of foods or drinks that contain alcohol when excessive and become long-term habits, can cause high blood pressure. In addition, calories from alcohol can also cause obesity. As previously explained, weight gain is a trigger factor for hypertension.

So, by limiting and avoiding it, it means that you have applied one way to reduce high blood pressure. What reasons really make you have to consume alcohol?

Avoid stress

The next tips for reducing high blood pressure is to avoid stress. Know, that stress can cause blood pressure to increase, both short and long term.

So avoid stress as much as possible, find something that can help your mind relax and relax. Like by doing meditation, yoga, vacationing with a partner or family, or ‘joking fun’ with a partner in bed.

Whatever the choice is up to you, as long as it’s good and liked. As much as possible, do it consistently as part of your daily lifestyle. Stress is gone, life is much better and high blood pressure will decrease.


Author: Christopher

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