How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

Are you currently undergoing a weight loss program? Do you regularly schedule for sports? If so, how do you succeed? Sometimes we have tried hard to lose weight, such as routine cardio exercise, but it is difficult to lose 1 kg. Naturally, many people look for various ways to lose weight without exercise.

Even though we feel the energy has been depleted, why does the scale never decrease? If there is a way to lose weight without exercise, you definitely want to try it, right? Exercise does take time, not to mention that daily activities make you tired. Commitment to an exercise routine is gone. Then, is there another solution to lose weight? You can use weight loss tea.

Indeed, your weight will not necessarily experience a drastic decline. However, for those of you who don’t have time to exercise, the following ways can be done to lose weight:

1. Chew food slowly

The brain needs time to process what we will do. Likewise, when eating, the brain must process that we are full enough to stop eating. Chewing food slowly, feeling the taste of the food, then swallowing it can make us realize that we are eating. You may often feel that you are not really aware of when you are eating because the brain wanders about work, school work, home assignments, and much more. So, the brain does not have time to process that we are full. Chewing food slowly can increase satiety, but food can also be digested properly by the enzymes in the mouth. The incoming calorie becomes less. A review of 23 research observations cited by the Authority Nutrition found that fast eaters were easier to gain weight compared to casual eaters.

2. Use small plates

Food dishes or containers vary in size. Provide a small plate at home or anywhere. When you buy unhealthy food, use the small size plate. This can be a trick for your brain. Small dishes can make food look bigger, the brain will catch it like that. If you use a small plate, the portion of unhealthy food becomes even smaller. You can also do the opposite trick in healthy food, put the food on a larger plate.


Author: Christopher

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