How do I get the girl I want? Know the Physical Character of Men Who Are Liked by Women

For men, getting a woman he likes is not something that is easy because most of them even change a special appearance for this. In fact, many men are starting to ask how to get a girlfriend because to get it is not an easy thing to do.

Indeed, for women usually attracted to men is influenced by various things. Starting from appearance to nature and style they have. Especially for the appearance of men, there are several physical characteristics that make women interested, like

– Body Shape
This does not mean you have to have large muscle mass. A body with small muscle mass can also make a woman interested. All you have to pay attention to is the proportion of the body that is balanced and in accordance with your height and weight.

– muscle mass
There are still many women who think that the masculinity of a man can be seen from the muscle mass they have. the greater the muscle mass, then a man can be said to be more masculine. Some women even like men with physical like this.

– Strong Jaw
This is a character is a woman’s interest in an attraction that has existed since time immemorial. Humans in ancient times used to use muscles to survive, including using rang as a food crushing device that is difficult to digest. The stronger the jaw, the greater the chance of survival of the man. until now this assumption is still used by some women.

– The hair on the face
What is meant here is a mustache or beard. There are some women who prefer men with mustaches and beards on their faces, this will make the appearance of the man more masculine.

– Deep sound
The deep voice of the man turned out to make you love it. Deep voice means that the voice resonates, and not high. This is because deep voices are easier for women to remember.


Author: Christopher

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