Trivial Habits that Unconsciously Damage Your Health

Many know that smoking and eating fatty foods can damage health. However, there are several other habits that you unknowingly can damage your health. Not only your body but also your mental health. Want to know what these habits are? Here are some health tips for you:

1. Watching too much TV or playing on laptops and cellphones
Although it can be said as a relaxing activity, watching TV or playing laptops too often keeps a lot of negative effects on your body’s health. Over time watching television or using a gadget has been associated with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and pulmonary embolism. In addition, watching TV for too long and playing gadgets without being balanced with physical activity can reduce the cognitive abilities of the brain. People who watch TV for more than 3 hours per day for 25 years perform poorly on the test compared to people who don’t watch TV much.

2. Late eating
Never think that delaying eating time will reduce your weight. That is not justified. Delaying time to eat, it will increase your appetite at a later time. It could be that your portion will be more than usual. Deferring eating time will slow the body’s metabolism so that the body will feel weak. In addition, delaying eating will cause your stomach acid to rise. Poorly, this habit can increase the risk of developing diabetes. We recommend that you take a moment to eat so that you stay focused and passionate about activities.

3. Eat when you’re not hungry
Just eat a snack or vent from a sense of stress by eating too often may cause excess calories for your body. Then, your body weight will rise above normal and eventually obesity. Obesity can increase many risks, not only diabetes, stroke, but also many other diseases. It is important to maintain your meal time and diet so that your body weight is maintained.


Author: Christopher

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