Simple Ways to Clean the Windows

In general, glass became one of the constituent elements of house building. Glass is usually installed on the windows and many are installing it on the door. Home furniture also uses glass as its constituent elements combined with other elements. Dirt like dust or other stains if not immediately cleaned will make the glass look shabby and ugly because the glass will be blurred so it will reduce the function of installing the glass. And over time the dirt can become a difficult stain to be cleaned. Sure, you can use the best squeegee for window cleaning when it comes to window cleaning job. However, it is important to know the proper way to clean the windows.

Indeed has many products on the market that was created as a tool to clean the glass, such as glass cleaners or wipes that can be easily absorbed and so forth. So by using these products glass will be easier to clean with satisfactory results of course. Actually cleaning glass in a simple and even at no cost is very easy. You just provide enough water, buckets or other items that can be used to hold water, clean cloth, and old newspapers or frosted paper can also. For a duster please use an ordinary rag.

The first step to clean the glass in a simple way is to dip a duster on water, then wipe the glass with a damp cloth that has been soaked with the water evenly. If the glass is too dirty, then repeat once more. By dying a duster on water.

Well, the last step is to dry it with used newspaper or blurry paper until it is completely dry. Both types of paper are very easy to absorb water. So by using the paper the glass will be completely dry, and of course, the glass will be clean. Glass that is not immediately dried until completely dry after cleaning using water, then there will be water spots on the glass. That means the glass is not really clean.


Author: Christopher

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