Consideration and investment for human resources

One that directly touches on the quality of a product or service in a business is none other than its propulsion. For that business need to look at the strategy of human resource management. One quality worker in the business body was also influenced by how the internal environment coupled with it. If according to one of Google’s top officials in the field of human resources, there are two things that will make a person feel at home and grow in the work environment. In the meantime, you may need to check out the profile of Alberto Guth if you require an expert resource manager.

First is how the quality of the people in the office who intersect directly with his work. The more a person partnered with colleagues who have good quality work, the tendency he will last long. This is certainly a challenge for the founders because, for the workers in the business, one of the main benchmarks for this point is none other than the founders and senior figures.

Then the second is how to create a sense that makes the workers feel meaningful or can contribute actively in the business. The tendency of people will try to be “important”, what he does a good and significant impact on the business. This is related to how companies provide opportunities as well as challenges for workers. Trust is a common thread at this point.

So if thinking that “money” is everything, is not entirely true. It’s possible to do people-push with money, it will only have an impact on bad business culture. Especially if adopted by a startup.

Between people development and talent acquisition

Having quality human resources is the goal of all businesses. The reason is simple, that businesses need the right fuel to offset the increasingly fierce competition. Moreover technology, various updates must always be carried out to meet the needs of its users. For that many things can be done, one of the options is people development, which is to train workers to always be agiler. But today’s talent acquisition strategy is also a trend among digital startups.


Author: Christopher

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