Know the Role of Physiotherapists in Sport

A physiotherapist in a soccer team seems to often be summed up as a masseur. This is a misguided assumption. So, what is a physiotherapist? Physiotherapy or physical therapist comes from two words, namely physic (physical) and therapy. Physical is the body, while therapy is therapy or treatment. If it is made one, it means a body or physical care. You can get the best one at physiotherapy clinic in Orchard Road, Singapore.

This profession works independently in addition to doctors, specialists, and other paramedics, to improve the quality of life of the community. So, he does not always take care of patients from the field of sports. As a specialist, after getting a BA (Bachelor of Arts) a physiotherapist also take a special path again. Some are child physiotherapists, exercise physiotherapists, manual physiotherapists, neurological physiotherapists, physiotherapists for hospitals, or other specializations.

The main occupations of the physical physiotherapist themselves vary. Ranging from training programs for injured athletes, making judgments about injuries, creating specific exercise programs appropriate to sports, or advising on food consumption.

More specifically, in a sports team, a physiotherapist will advise the coach about the circumstances of a player. Whether the player is ready to play in a match, whether he is fit, and how many minutes approximately his playing time. Inside the team, the physiotherapist also prepares a separate and specialized training portion for injured players.

However, a physiotherapist known as a masseuse is not without reason. Formerly, about 40 years ago, before the medical world developed as it is today, massage was once used as a form of therapy. This is based on the fact that tense muscles should be relaxed.

However, the world of knowledge and medical science has certainly changed from 40 years ago. In this modern period, see the results of existing research, it is already known that massage and injury are like north and south poles: should not be put together. In fact, massage on the part of the injury can slow the healing and aggravate the injury. This is the basic principle that must be known to a physiotherapist when performing his duties.

So, the task of a physiotherapist to examine an injury, perform existing tests and draw conclusions from injuries experienced by players. It was not until an exercise program was organized and delivered. Massage and massage are not given because it is a massage worker.


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