Some Actions That Can Cause A Hair Loss

Hair loss often makes many people feel inferior. Of course, they want to have healthy hair. So to make it happen, they do a lot to prevent hair loss. Therefore, hair loss can cause baldness. You certainly do not want to experience it. For those of you who have trouble preventing hair loss or have experienced baldness, you can try Profillica. Profillica is a hair growth vitamin, not inferior to hair loss treatment shampoo. Profillica does not have a big risk. The results can be seen after 60 days of regular use.

For those of you who experience hair loss or baldness, do you know what causes it? Many people do not know what causes their hair to fall so much, so they treat it carelessly. Therefore, you better know what can cause hair loss.

– Age is old
Old age is usually marked by endless hairs. At this age, hormone would have changed already will not be fertilized first. This will cause growth in hairless fertile and cause hair loss and baldness also on the hair. Although this is not the cause of baldness at a young age it is also worth knowing.

– Using excessive shampoo
A shampoo is good for health but using shampoo continuously without regard to the portion that must be consumed it will damage the hair keratin that will make hair fall out easily. Hair loss is what will cause baldness. Because in addition to hair loss that occurs there is also a failure of the scalp in creating hair back so bald.

– Perform radiation therapy
Radiation therapy as is done for the cure of cancer is able to inhibit cancer cells so as not to grow quickly in the body. But irradiation can also cause baldness because there are so beacons that should grow to die due to this irradiation.


Author: Christopher

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