Know the types of sandpapers before finishing your wood furniture

Sandpaper is one important tool that looks trivial but is very functional to describe the appearance of a smooth and flat. How the application of sandpaper also varies depending on the media to be sanded. For example, you will do standing on a wide surface and flat then it takes a beam for sanding for the same pressure. Sometimes for a wide field requires a grinding tool to speed up the sanding process. Aside from that, you can visit to check out the recommended tools for the better result than sandpapers for your wood materials.

The kinds of sandpaper you know by type can be seen in the following divisions:

1. Number, size of sand density on sandpaper or big size of sand can be seen from sandpaper number. If the abrasive number indicates a small number like 180 then the roughness level of the sandpaper is high enough. While the larger the number as 400 then the level of sandpaper fineness is very high. Coarse sandpaper with small numbers is usually used for rough surfaces or for sandpaper putty. While large-sized sandpaper is usually to sand the painted surface.

2. Function, based on the function of the sandpaper is divided into two, namely sandpaper metal/iron and wooden sandpaper. This function is used in accordance with the material for metal or steel sandpaper usually made of silicon carbide so it is very rough and strong even used to sand or iron crust. As for the wooden sandpaper is made of aluminum oxide material that is not easy to wear and used to sand the surface of the paint as hard on the wood.

3. Application, the type of sandpaper used for the application process is wet sandpaper and dry sandpaper. If the wood is usually used dry sandpaper because wood already has a standard MC level so it is not possible to be given water. As for the wet sandpaper is usually used for metal objects.

By knowing the various kinds of sandpaper above then it’s time you decide which type of sandpaper to use. Would you sand the metal/iron or wood surface? Determine the type of sandpaper that suits the material and also the surface of the material in order for you to get maximum results.


Author: Christopher

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