Simple tricks to increase your SEO efficiency

Nowadays more and more blogs are giving space for readers to participate in submitting their writings. Of course, it won’t miss the chance to allow us to put a link in the content. The benefits of SEO Singapore will obviously increase the reputation for a particular keyword and increase the referral traffic of the blog.

What we need to note is write articles that match the criteria blog/website that they specify. Please provide content that is weight or quality.

Increase Blog / Website Traffic by paid

An alternative way besides the freeway is certainly the paid way. Increasing website visitors by way of paid generally become the most instant and most popular digital marketing agency. But what you need to watch out for is do not do an excessive campaign without good management, if it happens to be sure your pocket will be broken.

In addition, Ads in Social Media also you can try

Facebook becomes a favorite in increasing the most effective website visitors because the conversion value is quite good. Advertising methods in social media ever used by popular websites to boost their traffic and rank on social media searches.

On Facebook Ads we can choose the target audience that best suits the category we need, this will affect the effectiveness of ads that we install.

Based on my experience both for research and campaign, advertising on Facebook Ads is quite easy to do. We can set the budget we want to spend, can for per impression or per click advertising. What’s interesting is that you can set up an audience demography based on interest, age, and even location.

However, you need to make sure that your ad is interesting, eye-catching, but also not too overwhelming for the audience to stare at as well. This is necessary so it doesn’t matter how popular the website which you’ve put your ad on if your ad is bad, it bears the risk to be skipped or even ignored by the visitors. So make sure that it’s a well-designed and, and it’ll do it just fine.


Author: Christopher

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