Tips for cleaning the carpet of a mosque

The first step to washing the carpet, your domain name  you should not immediately direct the water on the mosque carpet that you will wash. Instead, you have to remove dust trapped in the carpet fibers first to clean. The way to remove the dust is to suck it using a vacuum cleaner to clean and contain no more dust. Aside from that, if your domain name of your business involved many uses of carpets, we recommend you to learn more about the trusted carpet cleaning company near your area.

Hanging the carpet with a special hanger

Next position the carpet in a tilted state. The hanger used is a special hanger that can hang the entire surface of the mosque’s long carpet. The function of changing the carpet is also so that the carpet is easy to drain the water.

Spraying Using a High-powered Compressor

The shape of the carpet that has fine fibers on its surface makes the dirt on the carpet will not fall off on its own even though it has been drained or doused by water. Then you need a high-powered spray like a water compressor to spray water and sweep away dirt on the mosque carpet that you have.

Using Carpet Special Soap

The use of carpet-specific soaps tends to save more on the use of soap than if you use ordinary detergents. Besides that ordinary detergents are also quite detrimental because they can damage carpet fibers.

Rubbing with a soft brush

Then rub the surface of the carpet using a soft brush with fine hair. This is so that you can still maintain fabric fibers and not damage them. The rubbing process is focused on the center of the carpet because the edges of the carpet tend to fall out easily. Rubbing also aims to remove stubborn dirt. After that, you can dry the carpet but avoid the direct sunlight exposure to it.

Eliminate Odor Using Baking Soda

Make sure the carpet is completely dry so you can continue the next process, which removes the odor that is still attached to the carpet. To deodorize the carpet, you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet surface. Wait up to 30 minutes and do the cleaning again using a vacuum cleaner.

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