Consider the mortgage and tenor when you’re investing in properties

Many people try to get mortgage approval to make it lighter in buying a house. Ownership of a mortgage agreement makes real estate agents and vendors more confident about the interest and seriousness in buying the house in question. The mortgage will increase the strength in bargaining and prevent transaction failures on a financial basis. Apart from that, you can visit lombok real estate agents
if you want to invest in land and properties in Lombok.

Furthermore, choose the appropriate tenor. The bank offers a variety of tenors, ranging from 5 to 10 years. Tenor availability is based on the ability of different debtors. Choose a tenor that suits your abilities. Don’t force yourself if you haven’t been able to take a short tenor! In addition to home installments, there are various other life needs that need to be met and carefully considered.

That’s it the short and simple tips that we can share with you about property investment. We hope this small information helps you to understand more about it.

In addition, don’t forget the costs you must pay for buying properties

There are several additional costs that need to be met when buying property.


1. Fees for Banks

Purchasing with a KPR means that you have to go through the checking phase and complete the files that are definitely paid. The main thing is the appraisal survey cost before buying a house. In general, checking the land certificate and the selling price of the property is based on the current market price.

2. Insurance Fee

Insurance costs, namely Life Insurance (1 – 2% of total loans) and Fire Insurance (1% of total loans).

3. Notary Fees

Notaries are parties who contribute a lot in helping you manage various deeds and certificates of sale and purchase. This notary’s service fee is fully mandatory. The amount of the fee is adjusted to the needs of the buyer. Notary services that can be used include an examination of certificates, credit agreements, name return fees, and Sale and Purchase Deeds, and finally the Underwriting Right Deed.

4. Tax Fees
Tax is an obligation that cannot be missed in a property sale and purchase transaction, either with a mortgage or cash. The tax is referred to as the Land and Building Rights Acquisition Duty.


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