What You Need to Know About Hyundai Santa Fe 2019

Hyundai has just released the latest generation of the best-selling SUV in the history of this Korean brand, Santa Fe 2019, which will be marketed in the United States this summer. This fourth generation was developed above the success of the previous generation and offers a family-oriented interior that is completely new, loaded with the latest technology and bolder exterior.

The SUV has so far sold more than 1.5 million units in the United States, the fourth generation was released in two types of engines, gasoline, and diesel. All-new Santa Fe and Santa Fe diesel are the 3rd and 4th of eight Hyundai crossover utility vehicles which will debut in 2020.

The birth of this fourth generation also marks the change of name in Santa Fe, where the 5-passenger Santa Fe Sport is now called Santa Fe, while the three-line model, formerly called Santa Fe, is now Sante Fe XL. The diesel version of Santa Fe 2019 will also be equipped with seats that can be folded with one touch to facilitate passenger access to third-row seats. Third-row seats are only available on Santa Fe diesel.

Santa Fe’s interior design combines premium quality with an open format highlighting a solid level plan topic and upgraded perceivability. Premium contacts, for example, a three-dimensional layered instrument board and differentiating sewing seats inspire extravagance inside the lodge.The larger DLO Santa Fe enhances the feeling of openness of the interior with abundant natural light.

Other updates, including a more tilted audio/visual /navigation system screen with a more adjustable position to reduce glare, then the glass window button is moved to provide more space for the elbow. The leg room is also extended by reducing the storage on the side of the door in the lower part of the door, and the position of the drink on the center console is also fixed so that the middle armrest is more comfortable.


Author: Christopher

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