Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold Investment

Until now, gold investment has become a choice for many people in various countries. This can happen not because there are no other investment options, but more because of the higher level of public trust to invest in gold. On the other hand, you may also need to check out the recommended mis sold investments claim service near your area.

Well, in this discussion we will try to explain to you some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold.

The following is the full explanation:

4 Benefits of Investing in Gold

1. Liquidity level

The level of gold liquidity is very high, which means you can easily exchange your gold into cash anywhere quickly.

2. Future Gold Value

Gold is a type of investment that tends to maintain its value over time. If you look at the history of its value, the price of gold will tend to rise and increase from year to year.

This is what makes a lot of people believe and really like investing in gold.

3. Assets To Protect Wealth

Gold can be useful to protect assets from the level of inflation and the economic crisis that is happening.

When inflation takes place, the price of gold will tend to increase and become higher.

This is, of course, different from the cash that you hold, where the value will continue to decline when inflation occurs.

4. Investment Diversification

Diversification is very useful to reduce the level of investment risk that you face. Gold can be one of the diversification options for your investment portfolio.

However, you must pay attention to the weaknesses of this type of investment, such as:

1. Not Generating Passive Income.

When investing in gold, you will not get interested or dividends like when you invest in bonds and stocks. The only return on investment that will be obtained is when you sell it at a price higher than the purchase price.

2. Need a Storage Place.

You need a physical storage area for your gold.

3. Invite People to Do Evil.

Gold has a physical form that can be seen and held directly. Thus gold investment is very risky for theft by irresponsible parties.


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