Knowing Link Building in SEO

If you are learning about SEO, or have been looking for SEO service providers, chances are you have heard the term link building, backlinks, or inbound links. All terms are the same, but for ease of communication, we use the term “link building” in this article. Before that, you can visit the website of submitcore.

Understanding simple link building is a specific technique so that other websites that want to provide links (links) to our website. The reasons are various, it can be because you are a business partner of the website, there is a collaboration, or because your website contains useful articles, and so on.

Because the number of links leading to your website is one of the most important ranking factors in Google’s eyes. That is, if you want to increase your website ranking, then one of the things that must be done is how to get your website to get lots of links from other websites. Not only a lot, but the quality of the links obtained is also very important. Cannot be randomly linked. If you get most of the backlinks that come from “junk” websites that contain spam, then it is wrong that your website ranking on Google can sink.

To do link building, there are 3 main rules that must be considered:

1. Look Natural or Natural

The best link building is a link building that looks like it’s not a link building. Yes, right. If you intentionally do link building, in theory, you could say you are trying to manipulate Google ranking, and Google doesn’t like that. But if you wait passively for other websites to give a link, there will be a long time to come. The solution? Link building must be done naturally and naturally. If in a day suddenly get thousands of backlinks, or the backlinks come from similar websites, with that same anchor text, then that is arguably unnatural.

2. Coming from a Quality Website

Get a lot of backlinks but if it comes from all spam websites it will be useless. Therefore, you should also pay attention to what your backlinks come from. The higher the quality of a website, the higher the score (value) of backlinks obtained in the eyes of Google.


Author: Christopher

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