How to Speed ??up Google Search Index

For blog and website owners, they certainly hope that every time they publish a new article, they can be directly indexed by Google. This is very natural because if the posting is not indexed or has been indexed for a long time, of course, every time an article is published, the website customer will not know about new posts or even traffic will never increase from time to time. In this article explain how to speed up the Google search index? You must understand the contents of this article so that your web post is fast on the Google index. Here are the steps you must take to speed up the Google search/search engine index based on our new york SEO survey as one of the best SEO.


The first to speed up the Google index is to optimize SEO on the page. There are several elements that are very important in SEO on-page optimization. Start the post title, description, fill the article, keyword and internal link or external link. by combining several basic theories of SEO optimization on the page. Now you have made one of the ways that the article can be indexed by Google quickly. Sitemap signals are one of the indicators used to find out about the latest posts and also as a way to go to the pages of sites that will be crawled by search engines or spider bots. Sending site sitemaps or sitemaps is highly recommended to speed up the Google index.

Next, after you know the secret about how to speed up the Google index above. The steps that need to be taken to be faster on the Google index are to use the basic theory of SEO optimization of the page. The easiest way to use SEO off page optimization is after publishing a new post article, it is highly recommended to post on some well-known websites such as social media, social bookmarking, Feedburner, Web Directory and more. If you have done all the points above, now you can calm down in approximately 3X24 hours then the latest posts that you publish will be quickly indexed by Google. do this every time you make a new article on your blog and website. Then you will receive a lot of visitor traffic from search engines.


Author: Christopher

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