This History of Candle Use On Christmas Day

This History of Candle Use On Christmas Day

Candles are not only used for lighting when night comes or when you are not getting electricity at all. Candles are also widely used in church worship. In fact, there are now spiritual candles that you can use to worship. The use of candles during worship or during the celebration of Christmas is not without cause and history. There is a history behind the use of such goods.

Here is a history of using candles in a church or when the celebration of Christmas arrives.

1. It’s been done since medieval times
The existence of the first candle lighting during the Christmas celebrations took place in the Middle Ages, where large candles were used to represent the star of Bethlehem. This is what may be the beginning of the tradition of candlelight in the advent.

2. Lighting candles at the Kwanza Festival
It turns out that candlelight is also performed in the Kwanza festivals that are held in America every winter arrives. There are seven candles used in this festival where the candle is placed in a place called kinara.

3. Lighting candles in the celebration of Christmas Carol
The use of candles here is very famous. When Christmas Carol is usually the most sheltered moment in church worship because it only uses candles as a light during worship.

4. Candles are used as lights in the Christmas tree
Formerly, before the presence of incandescent lamps with various colors that are currently always used as decoration Christmas tree, candles serve as lights and decorations on the tree. Until the end, the incandescent lights appear and the wax is no longer needed as a Christmas tree ornament.

5. Lighting candles at the Jewish Festival
In addition to the facts mentioned above, candles have also been used in the event Hanukkah or Jewish Light Festival which was also celebrated in winter. During the ceremony held for 8 nights, the candle will be left burning in a candle made which is usually called Hanukkiyah.

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