3 Simple tips for making a plan for a representative booth

3 Simple tips for making a plan for a representative booth

The interior design of the booth should be designed to suit the tastes and preferences of the target market with a specific theme to attract the public interest and can represent your product well with the appreciation of the visitors which would have an impact on increasing the sale of the product. Aside from that, the Inflatable tent can also be a good choice for the outdoor exhibition events.

Here are tips for making a good booth:

1. Design that does not complicate the maker of Booth

We recommend a good interior design booth is simple and has a clear message for people who see it. Avoid creating intricate and meaningless interior designs. This certainly will not appeal to the viewer.

A complex design will make it difficult for contractors or production workers to create and assemble (setting) booth so that it will increase production costs and time not for a while.

The basic form of Design booth should be simple because the product displays and promotions will fill the booth area and may fill the space from every angle and make it uncluttered and uninteresting.

2. Good Location

You have to choose a good (strategic) location that integrates well with visitor traffic, entrances and patterns of exhibition space exhibition from the organizer, so that your location becomes “live” and is streamed by large visitors. If the location is less profitable, at least can be created traffic situation visitors flowing and not deadlock.

There are potential locations that provide substantial volumes such as near Center point (Stage or information center) or some sort of public meeting places such as a food court, rest area or special areas.

3. Clear message

Next to the Product or company name, show a short, clear theme or tagline promo. Posts, graphs, and banners on the booth strived to attract attention but also memorable smart. You can emphasize the theme or the superiority of the product you offer to attract potential customers. Posts, graphics, and banners on the booth should be in accordance with the tastes of the community and you can emphasize the superiority of the products you offer to attract visitors.

Avoid the installation of too many or too busy posts to fill the booth area.

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