The Use of Whatsapp: Things You Should Know

The Use of Whatsapp: Things You Should Know

Perhaps, you wonder to know more about hack WhatsApp has become one of the must-have chat apps to install on your smartphone. His presence was actually long. WhatsApp is more widely used in smartphones, whether it’s Android or iPhone. However, in fact, this service can also be used on the computer. There are two ways you can use it. First, through the WhatsApp website at Secondly, through an application that you can download for free on the official site WhatsApp.How many chat apps do you have on your smartphone? I’m quite betting if you use more than one chat app. If you have to choose one chat application only, then you can choose WhatsApp. The simple reason is that many contacts have been connected to this service, and throughout the experience of using this application, the data rate is fairly low compared to similar applications such as LINE.

One thing you should note, WhatsApp service on this computer is mirroring or not working alone. That is, what you receive on your smartphone will be displayed also on your computer. WhatsApp service on the computer will not work, if the smartphone with WhatsApp you die or run out of internet quota. Of course, the use of WhatsApp on your computer or laptop can help you keep access to WhatsApp you are so you can still communicate or continue work that involves chatting on WhatsApp either personally or through the group.

When using WhatsApp, whether on a smartphone or on a PC, you can, of course, set the priority of replying to a message to ensure that important messages are not left to read and to reply to. As a chat application, of course, many groups contained in it. Starting from a group for working, until a friendship group is usually there. Sometimes the number of notifications makes us miss an important message. Now you no longer need to bother because WhatsApp already has a new feature Custom Notifications. As the name implies, you can easily make arrangements where notifications are important, less important until not important. Differences can also be adjusted from the ringtone and light.

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