Use of Car Dashboard Camera

Use of Car Dashboard Camera

The main function of the dash cam is as evidence for accidents involving cars that are driving companions. Dash Cam can record things that can later help Sahabat address accidents while driving. When there is an unexpected event such as a vehicle that breaks a red light or when someone collides with a friend’s car, dash cam will record the incident and save it as a reference for you to make a report to the police. This function makes the dash cam very familiar in Russia because of the high crime of traffic security on agencies in the country. In addition to Russia, you need to know that the best front and rear dash cameras also attract attention in developed countries such as Britain and America.

In addition to the above uses, here are some of the benefits of a car dashboard camera which is also important. Prevent insurance fraud. Representatives of cases in subject are if there are other transportations that intentionally malfunction to make coverage claims. In some countries, the use of a dash cam is needed if we want to guarantee a transportation. Prevent illegal levies. It turned out that this was normal in Russia, where the level of abuse of authority by the state police was quite high. So, drivers, especially drivers of large vehicles such as trucks, are very interested in having and installing a dash cam in their vehicles.

Avoid corruption under the pretense of an accident. Dash cam recordings can illustrate and replay events that have occurred, so this recording can protect us when someone else quibbles about an accident. Protection when vehicles are parked and not monitored. Some dash cam is equipped with recording features even though the car is off. Who knows with the dash cam, people who want to cheat will think again to commit a crime.

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What to Do When Seeking the Web Design Company

What to Do When Seeking the Web Design Company

Technological development indeed seems to bring many benefits to most people, including people who are engaged in business and entrepreneurship. In the past, the promotion was done by meeting directly with prospective buyers, but now the internet makes it easier. Including one of them by using an attractive website and can be an optimal promotional media. Currently, many entrepreneurs have used the website as the best promotional media. No wonder many website creation services offer their services. What do you think about the qualified Web Design Penang company?

It is undeniable that the existence of a website that is now growing is able to provide many advantages not only for the employers but for website creation services. The entrepreneurs now don’t have to bother to make a website attractive because website creation services are ready to help clients in realizing websites with various themes, designs, and prices. For your information, website creation services are growing rapidly because entrepreneurs in Malaysia are growing rapidly so website creation services can be the best promotional solutions. To get the best quality, you can do several things when searching for companies from the web design.

Analyze the service provider’s website
It is very important for you to choose a professional website creation service so that it can provide satisfying services and optimal results. Therefore you can start by analyzing website creation services website to find out complete information about the service and the team in it. If the service website is of high quality, then it can be ascertained that the website produced will also be of high quality.

Study company profile website creation services
Website creation services must have a company profile and a team that will be used to attract clients. Therefore you can learn in full various things related to the service company profile which includes the portfolio, experience, and team. The service will also display valid contacts so that it will make it easier for you to communicate with the website creation service.

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Knowing Link Building in SEO

Knowing Link Building in SEO

If you are learning about SEO, or have been looking for SEO service providers, chances are you have heard the term link building, backlinks, or inbound links. All terms are the same, but for ease of communication, we use the term “link building” in this article. Before that, you can visit the website of submitcore.

Understanding simple link building is a specific technique so that other websites that want to provide links (links) to our website. The reasons are various, it can be because you are a business partner of the website, there is a collaboration, or because your website contains useful articles, and so on.

Because the number of links leading to your website is one of the most important ranking factors in Google’s eyes. That is, if you want to increase your website ranking, then one of the things that must be done is how to get your website to get lots of links from other websites. Not only a lot, but the quality of the links obtained is also very important. Cannot be randomly linked. If you get most of the backlinks that come from “junk” websites that contain spam, then it is wrong that your website ranking on Google can sink.

To do link building, there are 3 main rules that must be considered:

1. Look Natural or Natural

The best link building is a link building that looks like it’s not a link building. Yes, right. If you intentionally do link building, in theory, you could say you are trying to manipulate Google ranking, and Google doesn’t like that. But if you wait passively for other websites to give a link, there will be a long time to come. The solution? Link building must be done naturally and naturally. If in a day suddenly get thousands of backlinks, or the backlinks come from similar websites, with that same anchor text, then that is arguably unnatural.

2. Coming from a Quality Website

Get a lot of backlinks but if it comes from all spam websites it will be useless. Therefore, you should also pay attention to what your backlinks come from. The higher the quality of a website, the higher the score (value) of backlinks obtained in the eyes of Google.

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The 8 benefits of playing video games you need to know

The 8 benefits of playing video games you need to know

Along with the development of time, video game consoles and game-games themselves are also growing. More sophisticated, stunning, especially with graphics that look very real, making everyone good children or adults like to play games. Parents always say that playing games too long is not good. Correct. However, if we know the time, it turns out playing games also have many benefits for us, you know. Let’s see what are the 8 benefits of playing video games. Apart from that, perhaps you also want to check out the legend of solgard hack for android.

8. Physiotherapy

The Nintendo Wii console is great for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. In one study, 55% of patients were more able to control their balance and could walk faster and far after playing for 12 weeks.

7. Eliminate stress

Playing video games reduces stress hormones (cortisol) up to 17%. Game Puzzles such as “Bejeweled” have been proven to reduce human physical stress levels by 54%.

6. Multitasking

Gamers can concentrate more on doing 6 different things at a time than non-gamers who can only do 4 things. Gamers can also complete a behavioral and perception test 20% more effectively.

5. Increase Vision

Contradicting this belief, playing games turned out to increase vision accuracy by 20%. But it should be noted that you cannot play more than a few hours a day and your eyes are too close to the monitor screen.

4. Relationship between Fellow

No doubt, 76% of couples playing games together said that this had a positive effect on their household relationships.

3. Pain Relievers

The level of pain experienced by patients with burns is reduced by up to 50% when they play games. In fact, a study revealed that if a game with an element of violence can increase the level of tolerance of human pain by 65%.

2. IQ

Gamers are 50% better, more sensitive, and considerate in detail and detail. Like for example, gamers can see there are small patches on your clothes.

1. Faster reaction

The ability of gamers to shoot zombies in the blink of an eye is also influential in real life. Reactions or reflexes that gamers have are more or less the same as fighter pilots.

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The useful tips for maintaining your iPhone’s touchscreen

The useful tips for maintaining your iPhone’s touchscreen

Use tempered glass for your iPhone. This method is quite successful in minimizing the risk of a broken or cracked screen. Several times the iPhone slams or falls from the hand, tempered glass is able to protect the screen from damage. However, that does not mean you can be less careful. In essence, do not delay to install tempered glass after buying an iPhone. On the other hand, perhaps you should also take a look at the excellent refurbished Apple iphone 7.

In offline or online stores, there are many choices, and the price is fairly affordable.

Next, use a hard case for your iPhone, it is hard to resist. Besides tempered glass, you can try the hard case. The hard case can protect the iPhone’s body as a whole from the impact.

The hard case protects the glass and also protects against scratches, faded colors, or splashes of water. The iPhone can last longer, as long as it’s protected by a quality hard case.

Then, don’t forget to put your iPhone on the bumper. Well, if you use an iPhone 4 or 5, it is advisable to use a bumper. The two series of devices are made of the rear windshield and are equipped with a protective edge made of glass. The bumper will protect the glass body on the device from the risk of cracking or breaking.

Well, here are some tips so that the iPhone screen can last. That way, you don’t need to risk to replace the screen on a third party, right?

Aside from that, you definitely need to clean your iPhone regularly. Although dirt and other foreign materials may not damage the touchscreen of your iPhone directly, they may degrade its quality over time. That’s why make sure you clean it regularly and properly, so it will be able to function normally for a long time.

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Considerations before you start a live stream

Considerations before you start a live stream

Live Streaming is good for non-profit institutions, NGOs, business companies and brands, think tank organizations or idea makers, event makers, technology developers or individual individuals. Live Streaming is included in new media tools and currently has a lot of observers along with the development of information technology. There are around 500 sites in the world that provide live streaming facilities with free to paid packages.

Live streaming can have a positive influence on the community that is built when it can be done well and integrated with websites or online social media communities.

Is it ready and good to make a live streaming event?

There are several different ways to use live streaming technology. You can do live streaming directly when the event is running, or you can schedule the event to be displayed with the recorded video event. There are lots of clues and opinions that lead to broadcasting video events, speeches or conferences little by little.

After gaining attention from the community or viewers who become the basis for the next event. After they are ready (the theory) then you can switch to live broadcast or live streaming. Some opinions also provide instructions for streaming with famous videos that have free copyright or creative common.

Do you have to have special skills or people who are experts in video production?

The answer is absolutely unnecessary. Because with existing technology, goods or tools or video-making tools that are sold freely and have high quality at this time, and live streaming has indeed been designed to be easy to use. How difficult, beautiful or complicated the video depends on your ability to produce.

In fact, you can easily host events with live streaming on blogs, portals or many HTML editors with limited knowledge and a little effort.

What platforms can be used for Live Streaming?

Lots of service providers to do live streaming, from free to paid. You can install Wowza on your own server or use two well-known providers such as and Both provide services both free and paid. Also provides integration facilities with mobile devices and APIs to social media. Choose what you like with your taste, and there are other platforms that are lighter as well.

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