This Causes Broken Air Conditioning in Your Home

This Causes Broken Air Conditioning in Your Home

The hot weather in almost all big cities causes the need for the air conditioner to increase. At least in your room, there must be an air conditioner so that resting activities can be comfortable, without having to overheat. In addition, air circulation becomes healthier with the installation of air conditioners. Behind the use of air conditioners that provide many benefits, of course, there are also problems that arise. For example, the condition of the air conditioner is not optimal and even damaged. Damage to the air conditioner can be indicated by a not cold air conditioner, there is a leak that makes the air conditioner makes a sound that disturbs you. If that happens, visit Electromechanical companies in dubai to get the best help from the experts.

So, what makes your air conditioner broken? Here are the causes:

– Accumulate dust

Damage to the air conditioner is often caused by dirt and dust that accumulates in the air conditioner. These objects blockade the drainage of water which makes water out of the AC through other holes in the machine. The dust on the air conditioner can make respiratory problems. When the air conditioner is dirty, the mold grows and makes the air dirty. Make sure the fan (blower), evaporator, and air filter are free of dust and dirt.

– Freon has a leak

This happens because the pipeline that serves to drain cold air out is blocked by dirt and dust. But it can also occur because the connection of the pipe installation is loose or the capacitor has a problem. You can mark damage to the air conditioner as a result of the leaky freon by checking for oil marks in the leaking area. Use foam with soapy water to find the point of leakage.

– The air conditioner is installed incorrectly

This is the most missed thing in dealing with damage to the air conditioner in your home. In fact, air conditioners often leak because they are installed incorrectly. You must install the air conditioner in a slightly tilted position to the back and outward direction. This makes water flow to the sewer. If not, the water might leak and cause the floor of the room to get dirty too because the water is not properly accommodated.

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