Avoid Mold By Cleaning The Wet Carpet

Avoid Mold By Cleaning The Wet Carpet

High rainfall intensity makes some settlements flooded. This of course caused some damage. Cleaning the house from the rest of the flood is certainly not an easy job, but you should not delay too long. If it is not quickly cleaned, the damage to the carpet will be even worse the health conditions of people in the whole house are also threatened. This is because floods and mud carried by floods contain a lot of germs. Wash the carpet as soon as possible with the help of visit website. Carpet is one type of furniture that is difficult to clean when flooding. Even some types of carpet that have been submerged in water cannot be cleaned and must be removed, especially if the carpet has been submerged for more than 24 hours. Especially if the rubber layer under the carpet begins to break down and cannot be used anymore.

If the carpet is contaminated with mud and rubbish, replace it with a new one. But if only part of the carpet is wet, use a vacuum to remove as much water as possible. Then clean and rinse the carpet with an extraction cleaner. Next, use a fan to speed up drying. Clean the carpet until completely clean. After cleaning, continue cleaning the carpet surface with hot water and germicidal liquid. Prepare the cleaning equipment needed. In addition to mops, rubber mops, shovels, and disinfectants to kill germs. Use body armor such as masks, gloves, and footwear to provide maximum protection.

After the flood recedes, examine the home environment carefully, and make sure there are no loose or open electrical wires. Turn off the electricity for a while checking all the sockets and switches to prevent short-circuiting. In addition to electricity, electronic items also need attention. If you have a lot of electronics inside the house, make sure there is no damage or flaky cables. It is best to remove the furniture from the wet carpet so that it can be dried immediately. This is because the furniture is too long to worry about the growing mold that can damage the appearance. But if the carpet damage is too severe, inevitably have to be thrown away instead of becoming a den of bacteria.

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