Take Care Your Children’s Health After Water Damage

Take Care Your Children’s Health After Water Damage

There are many problems we can get when dealing with water damage. In addition to the damage to some objects and electronic goods, water damage can also be a threat to children’s health first call restoration crew. We may often underestimate the importance of knowing water damage restoration services in our area because they are not needed every time. But this will be very helpful when floods or water pipe leaks occur at home.

Several reasons make children vulnerable to various chemicals and organisms that are exposed during floods, among them are.

• The nervous system, children’s immune response, digestion, and other body systems are still developing and more easily damaged
• Children eat more food, drink more fluids, and must breathe more air than adults according to their body size. So it is important to be careful to ensure the safety of their food, drinks, and air quality.

• They behave like children – like crawling and putting objects in their mouths – which can increase the risk of exposure to chemicals and organisms in the environment.

Conditions that are vulnerable to children after water damage is the pain caused by mold. The fungus can develop in a humid room. After a house is flooded, water vapor can remain on walls, wooden furniture, fabrics, carpets, as well as other household items and surfaces.

Exposure to fungus can cause reactions such as fever, such as nasal congestion, red eyes, runny or itchy, and sneezing. To avoid this, it is important to dry the area and items damaged by water within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. Wet buildings for more than 48 hours will generally contain visible and widespread mold growth.

Some children are more susceptible to fungi than others, especially those who are allergic, have asthma, and have other respiratory conditions. To protect your child from exposure to mold, you can clean hard surfaces such as metal and plastic, with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.

While items made from materials that absorb more water and are easily damaged by floodwater must be discarded. These items include paper, cloth, wood, upholstery, carpets, pads, curtains, clothing, dolls, and others.

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