These Are The 4 Tips To Choose The Right Dashcam

These Are The 4 Tips To Choose The Right Dashcam

A Dashcam is usually used to record trips. However, more than that, this tool also has a security function. Image footage from this camera can be proof of insurance if your vehicle is hit by another vehicle. In some countries, such as Russia and China, the dashcam trend is increasing because of the number of cases of extortion by criminals by crashing into cars. Having a camera recording can show whether you are guilty or not. Aside from that, you might visit the vdashcam store if you’re looking for high-quality dashcams online.


How to choose dashcam that is good for cars, see the following tips:

1. Image quality. There are many different dashcams. The easiest way to determine the choice of camera is image quality. Choose a camera with a minimum image resolution of 1920 × 1080 so that the quality of the resulting video is quite clear.

2. Recording system. The difference between dashcam and action cameras like GoPro or Xiaomi Yi is the recording system. Because it is intended for cars, usually dashcam will automatically turn on and record videos when activated. While the action camera must be activated manually. Besides that, Dashcam has automatic image removal and storage technology. We recommend that you select a camera that has a memory card slot so you can download and move the recordings to the computer.

3. Size. Technological advancements make various devices more compact and compact. Likewise, the dashcam is smaller in size. Choose the complete specifications, but the size is compact so it doesn’t disturb your view while driving. Dashcam does not have to be installed on the dashboard. There is a camera that can be installed behind the rearview mirror, or attached to the front and rear glass of the car.

4. Price. The price affects the quality of the dashcam itself. However, make sure that the brand is genuine, so you won’t waste too much money for the fake dashcams.

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