2 Steps Cancer Self Checks for Your Breast

Breast cancer is a nightmare for women because it can attack the breast tissue and even other body parts. So, it needs to be known early so it can be healed quickly as soon as possible. If it is not treated immediately, it will risk a patient’s life. To identify the characteristics of breast cancer is not as hard as we thought, you can even do it by yourself at home. If you want to know, here is the information about cancer self checks for your breast that you should try.


Steps Breast Cancer Self Checks

1. Looking From the Mirror

The first step for breast cancer self checks is by looking from the mirror, which you can find out your breast changes by the shape and size. You can stand in front of the mirror and look at the breast directly. You can also check the fluid that is coming out of the nipple by pressing it with your thumb, so you can know it easily whether you have the breast cancer or not.

2. Check for the Lumps

The second things that you can do are by checking for the lumps. It can usually be felt when you lying down, you can touch the right breast circular in a clockwise direction to all over parts. So, you can know if there are lumps or changes in the breast easily. Do it for the left breast also. To get the best checking, you can find out more about the results by doing a consultation with your doctor.

That’s all the information about the steps for breast cancer self checks that you can try at home. If you get a changed in the shape of the breast because of cancer, so don’t be panic first. You have to check and get a consultation with a doctor. Hope it will be useful information for us.


Author: Christopher

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